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Friends only.

Friends Only.

Thanks for looking at my journal!
Before you ask to be added, please understand the following "rules"

1. I am terrible at commenting. So you must not get upset if I do not comment on your journal often.. I try to post every once in a while, though.

2. *This is in general* DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT steal my icons/layout. They are tagged for a reason. I'm tired of icon/layout thieves.

3. Understand that I am extremely perverted and some of the post will be dirty. o.o Mostly hentai.. and don't worry, I don't post porn pictures!

Ummm... I think thats it. Thanks for taking an interest in my LJ! ^^

~Usa [Jan. 2004] [Feb. 2005]

EDIT: If you are seeing this and you were on my friends list before, you probably missed my post about the list clean-up. ^^; If you still wanna be on, just comment here and I'll put you back!
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